I was involved in a traffic accident on January 5, 2004.

This is what happens when vehicle #1 (2000 Buick Regal) driver is talking to the kids in the back seat, and uses vehicle #2 (me, 95 Ford Escort Rollerskate) to stop at a traffic light. He was going along at just under the speed limit (around 40 something), and used me to stop instead of using the brakes. The impact was enough to cause the 83 Monte Carlo in front of me to hit a 99Toyota Camry. I must have been the lucky one, because out of four drivers and seven passengers, I was the only one to win a trip in an ambulance to AV Hospital. My left leg got banged up hitting the dash board. The initial impact broke the seat and I was actually lying down in the car when the impact to the car in front of me happened. Since seat belts or shoulder straps do not work well when you are lying down, I slid forward into the dash, then flipped up to hit the airbags which were deployed before I got upright. The airbags definetly helped, although they fill the car with foul smelling smoke. Also, the horn would not turn off without disconnecting the battery. I was x-rayed and there were no broken bones, just a lot of sore muscles.

Car #1 hit Car #2.    Car #2 hit Car #3.    Car #3 hit Car #4.    Car #2 was totaled.    I was in Car #2.

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Rear view driver side
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Front view

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Rear view passenger side

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Some Leg Shots

Leg shot #1

Leg shot #2

Leg shot #3